As performance car owners know, once we’ve had a taste of performance, we always seem to want more.  Even if you car already makes 400 bhp, that full-page ad for the supercharger system becomes more enticing as your driving experiences become more frequent and your skills improve.  But before you jump on that power adder special, consider the impact on other areas of your car.  Adding power means increased demands on other components–suspension, drivetrain, chassis, fuel system, etc.

That’s why FRANJO SPEED offers proven performance packages that provide balanced power and handling improvements.

FS-1 starts with basics such as intake/exhaust upgrades, a tune, wheel/tire upgrades, an improved stance, and FS badging.

FS-2 Adds suspension, chassis and braking upgrades and improvements.

FS-3 Adds significant power adders, drivetrain upgrades, and custom tuning.

Of course, a package tailored to your particular needs is always an option.  And packaged upgrades have the added benefit of cost savings and fewer trips to the shop.

Stop by or call us today to talk about a package that makes the most sense for you.