“Cold Air Kits” are aftermarket air intake systems that are intended to provide higher-velocity, cooler inlet airflow through larger, smoother, more direct inlet pipes and larger, less restrictive, higher quality air filters that are typically located further from the engine and often heat-shielded. Colder air is denser, and more dense air improves combustion. Generally, these kits provide improved throttle response, horsepower gains in the 8 – 10 range, and an edgier sound. While there are a myriad of cold air kits on the market varying largely in cost, choosing one often comes down to a matter of personal preference. FRANJO SPEED uses only proven brands and offers custom order and fabrication options to fit particular applications and tastes.

Similar to cold air kits, aftermarket exhausts are intended to improve air flow — only in this case of exhaust gasses out of the engine. Aftermarket exhaust kits improve flow through larger diameter, smoother piping (typically mandrel bent to avoid rough inside wall spots) and less restrictive mufflers. Most of these kits will be “cat-back” systems, meaning new from the catalytic converters back (so as to avoid any emissions inspection issues). Aftermarket exhausts typically offer horsepower and torque gains in the 8-12 range, and another mile or 2 in fuel MPG. In addition to performance gains, the appearance and particularly the sound of aftermarket exhausts and important considerations for buyers. Like cold air kits, there are a myriad of aftermarket exhaust systems available, with buyers choosing based on personal preference and to some extent recommendations. FRANJO SPEED offers systems from reputable makers such as Borla, Corsa, Flowmaster, and Magnaflow, and Akrapovic, plus custom fabrication.

While cold air kits are often sold to do-it-yourselfers, exhaust systems are not. However, when it comes to air flow and improving performance, it’s best to address both intake and exhaust. FRANJO SPEED’s consultative approach recommends that customers do both at the same time and suggests a package that includes providing and installing both intake and exhaust kits combined with before/after dyno runs to see results.