High performance aftermarket wheels are lighter and stiffer than factory wheels, which reduces unsprung weight and improves handling. A well designed aftermarket wheel can also accommodate larger aftermarket brake systems. And, of course, aftermarket wheels offer the enthusiast many
options for personalizing his vehicle.

In fact, while performance and quality are key factors enthusiasts consider in making wheel choices, wheel style is also very important — often the deciding factor when choosing between two or more high quality brands. Many enthusiasts will have more than one set of wheels/tires for different purposes. They may keep the factory wheels with all-season tires for general driving or cruising events, and they may have aftermarket sets with DOT slicks for track days or “spirited” drives.

FRANJO SPEED offers advice on best combinations and options for a particular enthusiast’s driving styles, aesthetic preferences, and needs.  We are dealers for select forged and cast lines that offer custom fitments, finish choices, and even custom designs.