Exterior performance car modifications tend to be a matter of personal taste, and therefore very subjective.  There are functional exterior modifications, and ones that are merely for appearance.  In either case, they can range from the very subtle to the completely ridiculous.

When it comes to exterior modifications, one thing’s for sure at FRANJO SPEED — you will get our honest point-of-view when it comes to what we do recommend, and what we don’t.  Our point-of-view on aftermarket exterior add-ons and modifications is guided by the following key principles:

  • KISS – The old “Keep It Simple…” adage.  A clean, simple approach done right can complement your car, rather than detract from it.  And quality, in our view, is definitely better than quantity when it comes to exterior mods.
  • Make/Model Theme Consistency – You chose your particular car for a number of reasons, but chief among them are likely performance and appearance. Exterior mods should follow the lines of your car, and be consistent with the aesthetic and functional “personality” given to it by its maker.
  • Functionality – If it truly makes for better performance in some way, it usually makes sense.
  • Details, details, details… – Fitment and finish are keys to optimized functionality and appearance.
  • Proportion – All areas of car should be handled in proportion to one another.  We’ve all seen those ridiculous oversized wheels or giant wings on compact cars.  Idea is that no one component should look out of place in terms of scale or overall intent of car.

Working from these basic principles, there are many good manufacturers offering exterior components that improve aerodynamics, reduce weught, increase downforce and stability at speed, and enhance appearance.

Whether you’re considering exterior upgrades are as simple as a rear spoiler and a front splitter or a complete widebody conversion, FRANJO SPEED can help navigate the multitude of products available, and provide a solution that’s right for you.