While the structural integrity of today’s unibody cars has improved dramatically over the years, the strength of these has generally been designed with the factory power and suspension setup in mind.  When upgrading power and suspension, even modern unibodies can flex under the added torque and cornering G’s.  Undesirable chassis twist detracts from turn-in and speed through the corners.

By adding chassis stiffening components such as front and rear strut tower braces , under body braces, or even roll cages, this flex can largely be eliminated, improving steering response, cornering and vehicle control — especially when upgrading power or suspension.

Chassis-stiffening braces are round or square tubing components typically in steel, aluminum or chrome-moly. While strut tower braces can usually be installed by the DIYer, they often require removal and reinstallation of numerous other parts or trim pieces and replacement of certain nylon fasteners. And while certain underbody braces and roll cages can be bolted in, many require welding.

FRANJO SPEED can help you decide which of these components or combination of components makes the most sense for your application.  We offer chassis stiffening components from only reputable manufacturers or we can custom fabricate braces for those one-of-a-kind applications.