FRANJO SPEED has one of the only all-wheel-drive (AWD), load cell dynamometers in the area.  Our Mustang Dynamometer MD-AWD-500-SE allows us to effectively and accurately measure and tune your car by safely simulating real-world road conditions.  Plus, its AWD capability allows us to serve enthusiasts with today’s sophisticated all-wheel-drive performance cars.  It also has the added feature of being able to measure 0 – 60mph times, ¼ mile times, and even top speeds—the true tests of gains from modifications.

To get the most out of this sophisticated piece of equipment, we designed and built a special purpose dyno cell room that includes a 3,000 CFM makeup air unit and exhaust source air capture system.  The advantage of this system is that it brings in a large volume of fresh outside air aimed directly at the car. In addition, we use a 13,000 CFM purpose built Dyno fan to provide additonal airflow to the front of the vehicle. Together, these fan systems closely resemble the airflow that a car would expect driving down the road.  Plus, since vehicle exhaust is extracted from the space and exits the building 6′ above the roofline, we can operate the dyno even during winter months with the overhead door closed.

FRANJO SPEED’s Dynamometer Services:

Baseline Measurements.  $150 for 3 pulls, whether 2WD or AWD (includes graphs for HP/Torque curves).  Before/after basleine measurements are included with purchase and installation of supercharger or turbocharger system from FRANJO SPEED.  0-60, ¼ mile, and top speed runs are an additional $25 each. Other dyno related services are available for an additional cost. Please contact us for details.

Tuning.  Professional tuning using industry leading tuning software available on a turnkey proposal rate basis, or $150/hr. with 2-hour minimum.

Rental.  Already have an Italian-speaking tuner you just flew in from Maranello?  No problem.  Our Dyno can be rented by the hour or day–even after hours.  Call for pricing and availability.