From auto dealers and national service center chains, to local tire and auto service centers chains and independent service and repair shops, you have nearly limitless choices for auto service.  While most of these generally do a decent job of basic vehicle maintenance, most are not that familiar with aftermarket components and modifications.

Let’s say you have an aftermarket supercharger (SC).  That means you’ll have a different tune installed than the factory one, and in many cases that SC will have its own internal lubricating system.  Will the conventional service centers know not to flash your PCM or know to change the SC oil when it’s time for an oil change (let alone have the right oil for the SC)?

If you’ve used FRANJO SPEED to do your performance upgrades, we not only maintain electronic records of your installed components, documentation, tune, and special installation notes, we develop a recommended maintenance schedule and procedure that takes into account your particular upgrades.  So when it’s time for maintenance, FRANJO SPEED’s maintenance services address the unique needs of your vehicle and the interoperability between your upgraded and factory components.

If someone else performed your performance upgrades, chances are, we’re familiar with those components.  But even if we’re not familiar with your particular setup (admittedly, we have not touched every aftermarket product out there), we know how to approach your maintenance needs from an aftermarket performance perspective.  It’s what we live and breathe every day.

If you’re a DIYer and your particular upgrade or modification is not performing quite as expected or if you’re just having trouble figuring out how to do the work, give us a call or drop by.  We’ll help you get that project over the finish line.

In the end it’s your baby.  Let us help you give your baby the proper care it deserves!