We know performance cars.  But while we may know a thing or two about your car that you may not, you know your particular car probably better than anyone.  What’s more, only you know exactly what you have in mind for your car.

That’s why the process of making meaningful improvements to your car means listening, asking questions, researching products and discussing possible approaches—in short, consulting.

We like to say our approach is more that of a professional services firm than that of a neighborhood or chain auto shop.  We listen to your vision, discuss recommended approaches, thoroughly research any creative solutions or unique requirements, and then develop a written plan and budget.  Our approach to every project is a highly collaborative, consultative one in which you are closely involved with the plan development and well-informed about the status and progress of your car.

Of course, there is no charge to have a conversation.  We’re happy to offer free consultations for performance upgrades or one of our recommended performance packages.  For those wanting a more custom build approach, we offer a Performance Consultation that includes lengthy one-on-one personal consultations, written plan and a detailed budget.  There is a one-time charge of $199 for a FRANJO SPEED Performance Consultation.  Why do we charge for the Performance Consultation?  Everyone’s time is valuable, and when we develop a plan for your custom build, we take the time to do the research and analysis to come up with thoughtful, creative recommendations for you and your baby.

Call us to make an appointment, or just drop by.  We’d love to hear about your baby.