FRANJO SPEED’s 2012 Challenger SRT8

In 2012, the Dodge Challenger had arguably the best retro, yet modern, styling of the big 3 muscle cars. As everyone knows, though, it was (is still) the heaviest of the big 3, and at that time was the only one without a forced induction variant. We chose the Challenger as one of our first shop cars because of its presence and, well, because it was the underdog in terms of performance and needed a bit more help. To make it turn better, we dropped the car a little over an inch in the rear, a little under an inch in the front; added custom 3-piece forged wheels with wider, stickier tires all around; and, reduced the body roll with bigger sway bars, performance springs, polyurethane bushings, and a bumpsteer kit. To make it quicker, we added a ProCharger P1SC centrifugal supercharger, custom-tuned it on our chassis dyno, and replaced the OE shifter with a quicker, short-throw Hurst shifter. Now this 2012 Challenger puts down 562 HP to the wheels and stays flat and planted in the turns.

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