2006 Dodge Magnum SRT8

This modern, low-slung hot rod wagon came with a 425 BHP HEMI, Bilstein shocks and 20″ wheels straight from the factory.  After enjoying the car for a few years, the owner wanted to make it an even better performer.

Phase one of the project included a ProCharger centrifugal supercharger kit, lower-temp thermostat, MagnaFlow cat-back exhaust, front strut-tower brace and slightly wider, more aggressive tires.

The ProCharger supercharger kit comes complete with a centrifugal supercharger head unit with billet impeller, heavy-duty aluminum mounting bracket for mounting with idler pulley, longer serpentine belt, upgraded fuel injectors, all necessary wiring and tubing, and a Diablo tuner with ProCharger tune specific to the 6.1L HEMI setup.  In this case, the owner opted for the polished bracket and supercharger upgrade as well as the helical gear set upgrade for quite, stealthy operation.  Net result?  Increase from 359 RWHP to 481 RWHP, and rear wheel torque from 357 to 454.

Phase 2 of the project addressed suspension, chassis and additional gauges to monitor critical engine components.  For that, we turned to a Pedders Street Justice kit that included adjustable Petty Coilovers, replacement polyurethane bushings for all factory rubber, and larger front a rear sway bars.  For

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