2014 Supercharged C7 Corvette Stingray

where to buy Pregabalin When Jay came to us shortly after he purchased his C7 convertible, he said it was an awesome car–it just needed more power. After discussing his driving style and researching options, FRANJO SPEED came up with a solution that involved a combination of power adders, engine upgrades and custom tuning. To increase power for this manual transmission sports car that sees a combination of street driving and a few track events every year, we chose a ProCharger supercharger, long tube headers and a Comp cam. To better handle the boost for this high-compression direct injection engine, we added forged pistons and rods and a RX Performance dual check valve catch can. FRANJO SPEED used HP Tuners software for the custom tuning. The result: 586 RWHP/529 RWTQ, and lots of smiles.

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