FRANJO SPEED Closing Announcement

The following message was sent to all FRANJO SPEED, LLC customers on September 26, 2018: Dear Beloved Customers, My 5-year lease in the Spirit of St. Louis building is coming to its completion at the end of 2018. After weighing … Read More

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“Catch Cans” & Why They’re Necessary…

While many high performance car enthusiasts are familiar with catch cans and their importance, many customers we talk to have not heard of them. Likely every car owner, however, has heard of the term “PCV valve” from a service advisor … Read More

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Your First Investment in High Performance, Part II

In Part I, we talked about what your first investment in high performance—yourself.  Specifically, we addressed ways to improve your performance driving skills and ways to participate in performance driving events.  In this second part, we’ll address some of the … Read More

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Your First Investment in High Performance, Part I

What should your first investment in high performance be? While we’d love to say some major performance upgrades and custom tuning here at FRANJO SPEED, the real answer is, without question … YOU! You’ve made a substantial investment in you … Read More

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FRANJO SPEED Grand Opening

Please join us for our Grand Opening on Saturday, May 10, 2014, from 10am to 3pm! See an impressive display of high-performance cars, share stories and interests with fellow enthusiasts, enjoy award winning BBQ from PM BBQ, and see what we … Read More

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Cold Air Induction – Worth It?

Cold Air Induction kits—the ever popular, relatively low cost performance adders that always seem to be first on the list of mods for performance enthusiasts.  We even carry many of them here at FRANJO SPEED.  Lots of folks swear by them, … Read More

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