Your car…your baby.
We get it, because that’s the way we feel about our own cars.

You chose your car for very personal reasons.  Styling, performance, sound, driving experience, or maybe some special connection you have with your car based on some event, family history, or tradition.

And yet, as special as your baby is, you sometimes feel that if you had designed it, you might have done a few things differently.  Maybe a little — or a lot — more power, more grip, more aggressive sound.  Or perhaps you wished some exterior/interior components or styling cues suited your own tastes a bit more.

At FRANJO SPEED, our mission is to help performance car enthusiasts maximize the enjoyment of their cars by making them go faster, handle better, look great and reflect enthusiasts’ unique personalities and tastes.

We listen carefully to what you have in mind for your car—how you’d like to make it better.  Then together, with your input, we build a plan tailored to make those improvements—and the expected performance results that come with them—a reality.

Everything we do at FRANJO SPEED is guided by these Core Values:

  1.  Honor God.  If our work is not pleasing to God, then it ought not to be done.  That means doing the right thing, always.  In our dealings with customers, employees, and all members of the community, we strive above all to act in a manner which adheres to the standards of moral and ethical behavior that honor God.
  2. Meeting the Enthusiast’s Expectations.  A satisfied, happy enthusiast is essential for our success as a company.  At FRANJO SPEED, we believe that creatively providing quality products and services that truly meet the performance and appearance expectations of the enthusiast establishes our value to our enthusiast customers.  Our goal is to make the enthusiast’s experience so positive and satisfying that he or she keeps coming back for more.
  3. Employee Fulfillment.  We believe in maintaining a work environment which fosters creativity and individual growth that, when matched with individual honesty, dedication, hard work and enthusiasm, results in the individual increasing his or her skills and knowledge, experiencing joy in his/her work, and improving his/her quality of life.

Call FRANJO SPEED today at 314-492-5100. We look forward to hearing about your baby.